December 14, 2011

This Will Be The Decade Of Silver - Interview With Eric Sprott

Well, I have to beg to differ with the word ‘intelligent plan’, because I don’t think there is an intelligent plan. In fact I think we all now know that most plans have not worked and created a very difficult situation for the average person in the world and has exacerbated the problem in the banking world. So, they’re going to come up with a plan, it won’t be an intelligent plan. I don’t think solving a debt problem is solved by more debt and leveraging, which is what’s being discussed in Europe today. But either way, as I said before, I don’t think the impetus will be for precious metal prices to rise, if I had to predict, I certainly would believe that silver would be above $50 next year and that gold certainly would be above $2000 and it could be substantially higher than that. It’s a question of how irresponsible governments are and maybe we will find out there is a Eurpoean plan, and then 3 or 4 months later, there is an American plan where we get QE3. It’s hard to know where it’s going to go because we don’t know how irresponsible the governments are going to be, but they are tending to be irresponsible, therefore you would think there would be lots of impetus for higher prices...

Eric Sprott Calls Silver Miners To Retain Silver Produced As Cash

Billionaire Eric Sprott Asking Silver Producers to Save in Silver
“All you know is that there’s only a couple of things that you have to have your money in to be safe. For example, I’m writing a letter basically suggesting to the silver producers, you know you guys have all of this money in banks, why do you have it in banks?

Put it into silver, it’s a way better asset than having a bank deposit that pays zero interest rate and you take all of the risk of the bank on. You know if enough people accept that thinking, I mean, at the margin, you bring all of those buyers in (to silver), who knows where the price is going to go? But it won’t bear any relationship to where it is today.”